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Pune Institute of Computer Technology

Pune Institute of Computer Technology, (or PICT) is a private engineering college located in Dhankawadi, Pune, India. Established by the Society for Computer Research and Technology in 1983. It offers degrees in Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.


  • 1 Accreditation
  • 2 Specializations and departments
    • 2.1 Computer Engineering
    • 2.2 Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
    • 2.3 Information Technology Engineering
  • 3 Degrees awarded
  • 4 Admissions
  • 5 Campus and buildings
    • 5.1 Main Building
    • 5.2 School of Management
  • 6 Events
  • 7 Rankings
  • 8 References
  • 9 External links


PICT is accredited by India’s two major accreditation agencies – National Assessment and Accreditation Council [NAAC] and National Board of Accreditation [NBA].

Specializations and departments

Computer Engineering

  • Head of Department: Prof G P Potdar[3]
  • Undergraduate intake per year: 240
  • Postgraduate intake per year: 52

The Bachelor of Engineering Program in Computer Engineering commenced from the academic year 1983-84.The Department is known for its excellent results and student placements. There are 10 well-equipped laboratories in the department.The Department has been pioneered as the first Post Graduate Department in Computer Engineering in the unaided Engineering Colleges in University of Pune; with first batch commencing in year 2000. There are two shifts in this program, each consisting of 120 students.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

  • Head of Department: Professor Dr. Y. Ravinder[4]
  • Undergraduate intake per year: 240

This program also consists of two shifts, consisting of 120 students each. Established in 1995, this department has a lab with around 25 Texas and Motorola experimental kits. The E&TC department has won the “Best Department Award” in 2003 and 2004. In 2009-2010, the E&TC department had the highest MHT-CET cut-off in University of Pune of 128/200.[citation needed]

Information Technology Engineering

  • Head of Department: Dr. Emmanuel M.[5]
  • Undergraduate intake per year: 130

PICT’s Bachelor of Engineering Program in Information Technology began in 2001 with an intake capacity of 60 students. The current intake capacity is 120 students. It has a multimedia laboratory, operating system Laboratory and network laboratory along with the programming and project laboratories.

Degrees awarded

The Bachelor of Engineering(B.E) degree is offered in all the aforementioned departments. ME degree is also offered by all departments. As PICT is affiliated with the University of Pune, the degrees are offered by the university.


The institute considers the 12th exam and JEE-Main scores of students for admissions. It is considered one of the most selective institutes to get into. There are also programs for students of non-resident Indians (NRIs) in the college.

Campus and buildings

The campus is located in Dhankawadi, a suburb of southern Pune. It is a totally urban campus. The hallmark of the 6 acre campus is the central sprawling lawn in front of main library, which is off limits to all the students and teachers.

The buildings in the campus are:

  • Main building
  • School of Management
  • Canteen
  • Boys hostel
  • Girls hostel
  • Workshop
  • Guest House

Main Building

The main building is the largest building on the campus. It consists of the administrative wing, Computer Engineering wing, Electronics and Telecommunication wing, IT wing and the main library. The building has classrooms, laboratories and staff rooms which are shared between the three undergraduate courses. The PICT library has a collection of books and subscriptions to journals. The library is 24×7 accessible to students and is centrally located between the three academic wings. The whole of the Main Building has seamless Wi-Fi connectivity except the Lecture Hall Complex.

School of Management

The School of Management is located near the main gate and is the newest building in the campus. The academic and administrative wing of the management school are situated in this building. It has an auditorium which hosts major conferences and info-sessions. The Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering labs are located on its top floors.

The boys and girls hostel have a combined capacity of 200 students and are located on the north of the campus. All the Hostels have LAN facilities, which facilitate seamless learning. The cafeteria serving mostly Indian cuisine is situated between the two hostels. The PICT basketball court is situated adjacent to the boys hostel building. Also there is a Student Activity Center(SAC) which has facilities for student recreation.


Credenz,the Techfest of PICT.

Apart from academics, annual technical festivals are held such as,

  • Impetus and concepts (INC 2014)
  • Credenz – PICT IEEE Student Branch organized
  • Scientia – PICT IET Student Chapter
  • Pulzion – PICT ACM Student Chapter.
  • Addiction – Annual Cultural festival.

Impetus and Concepts, popularly known as INC, was initiated in 1990 and soon reached a stage where it created national and international interest. It won acclaim and industry stalwarts with vision recognized its importance and actively supported the event. Impetus, intrinsic to PICT, showcases the projects of the final year students of PICT. Apart from technical events PICT’s annual cultural event, ADDICTION, also takes place during the month of January.

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